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There is a marshmallow for your life!

About our company

EIWA Confectionery Co., Ltd. was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1957 as Eiwa Foods Co., Ltd. to manufacture marshmallows.

With the goal of fulfilling people's lives and enriching their minds through the culture of food, we strive to create delicious products that provide value and create joy.

Headquartered in Hotaka, Nagano in Japan, our offices and manufacturing facility are surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Japanese Alps, known for its fresh air and natural spring water.

Equipped with a world-class manufacturing system, our Hotaka factory is operated under careful production procedures and diligent quality management, with food safety, quality control, and customer satisfaction as our top priorities.

Today, EIWA distributes award-winning marshmallows and other products worldwide.

In the United States, Eiwa America, Inc., has been bringing our high-quality products to U.S. consumers since its establishment in California in 2002.

Eiwa marshmallows

More than just a marshmallow! Our marshmallows have a delightful surprise in every pillowy bite. Bursting with flavor from chocolate cream or fruity jelly, every fluffy bite-sized marshmallow is like a cloud of happiness for your mouth. With six varieties to choose from, there is a perfect marshmallow for your life!

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